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SG-TECH Brand (Genesis)

Genesis is our own minicomputer that we developed to have the SAME quality of function as a computer“.

✔Demonstrating the testing result through the mini touchscreen.
✔Collecting all the FCT machine data.
✔Easy accessing to manage wherever.
✔Using Microsoft window 10 to operate with Libra office.

“Compact, Save Space, Easy to use”


Our Light Digitizer is an adapted device installed in Genesis function fixture to evaluate color temperature and color brightness properly for a various types of models.

There are two operations:

LED can be measured the brightness by the intensity.
2)Color temperature
Color temperature is emitted by the black-body radiation that illuminates lights of color relatable to the temperature. “This black body radiates some temperature (high temperature)”. Normally, color temperature is measured by X,Y chromaticity space.